July 18, 2024
UK Visitor Visa: Know Fees And Requirements

For a short period of up to six months, foreign citizens are able to enter the UK as tourists, business travellers, students, and for other approved reasons with a UK visitor visa, also known as a standard visitor visa or UK tourist visa. My Legal Services solicitor advised confirming on the Home Office website whether you need a visiting visa in order to apply before proceeding. You may not require a visa to enter the UK for up to six months, depending on your nationality.

What Can and Can’t Do With a UK Visitor Visa:

If you have a UK Visitor Visa, you are permitted to do the following in the UK for a maximum of six months:

  • Tourism (vacation or holiday, for example)
  • Get married (assuming that after the marriage, you plan to live abroad)
  • See relatives or acquaintances
  • Spend no more than 30 days as a volunteer for a UK charity that has received registration.
  • Travel to another country via the United Kingdom
  • Do specific business-related tasks (such as an interview or meeting)
  • An exchange programme between schools.Recreational programmes lasting up to 30 days
  • Study; classes shouldn’t last longer than six months.

If you have a UK visitor visa, you aren’t allowed to:

  • Perform work for pay or without compensation.
  • Use public resources (such as benefits). Live here by coming back again and again.
  • Give notice of impending marriage or civil partnership, get married or enter into one (you must obtain a Marriage Visitor visa for each of these situations).

Requirements for a UK visitor visa:

To be granted a UK Visitor Visa, applicants must fulfil the following basic eligibility requirements: 

  • You have to really plan on leaving the UK at the end of your stay. 
  • You have to bring enough money with you to sustain yourself in the UK. 
  • You can pay for your future travels, but using a visitor visa to enter the UK on multiple occasions won’t allow you to settle there.

If you are coming to the UK for medical treatment, to complete a placement or exam, to work as a senior doctor or dentist, to study, or for any other reason, you might further need to meet additional eligibility requirements. If you want to apply for a UK tourist visa, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers for a free consultation.

UK Visitor Visa Cost:

On October 4, 2023, the Home Office increased the cost of a UK Visitor Visa.

Visa Fees
Standard Visitor £115
Standard Visitor – 2 Years £400
Standard Visitor – 5 Years £771
Standard Visitor – 10 Years £963
Marriage Visitor £115
Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor £115
Transit Visitor £64
Private Medical Treatment £200

Required documents for a UK Visitor Visa

The necessary paperwork will change based on your purpose for visiting the UK. You required the following documents.

  • When will you be travelling to and from the UK?
  • Your address is in the United Kingdom.
  • A detailed breakdown of the anticipated visitation costs is needed.
  • The address of your residence.
  • How long have you resided at the address you currently own? Your parents’ names and birth dates.Your annual salary.
  • Information about any civil, criminal, or immigration violations.
  • Your past ten years’ worth of trip records.
  • The phone number and address of your employer.
  • Name, date of birth, and passport number of your companion.
  • The specifics of your relatives living in the United Kingdom.
  • Certificate of tuberculosis (TB) testing if you want to stay longer than six months (depending on your country of origin).

How to apply for a standard visitor visa

The following crucial steps must be followed to apply for a UK visitor visa:

  • Fill out and submit an online application for a visitor visa to the UK (notice: If you are travelling with family, each member of the family must submit an application and pay the relevant price).
  • Make the application fee payment.
  • Schedule a time to visit a nearby Visa Application Centre (VAC).
  • Attend your VAC appointment to have your biometrics (fingerprints and photo scanned) and to supply any documentation requested by the Home Office.
  • Usually, you will hear back about your application for a visitor’s visa within three weeks.

Can you extend your visa for visiting? 

Although the UK visitor visa is only meant to be valid for a brief visit, if it was issued for less than six months, you may be able to extend it for a maximum of six months. If you are here for medical reasons, as an academic, or as a graduate who needs to retake the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) exam or finish a clinical attachment, you will only be able to extend your Visitor visa beyond six months. 


The staff at My Legal Services has experience handling visitor visas, and we can assist you with your new application to make sure it satisfies the necessary conditions for a favourable result. My Legal Services specialises in immigration law and has a wealth of knowledge of visitor visas. We are competent and results-oriented, with a thorough understanding of immigration law. 

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