May 27, 2024
Jovi Nicole Engbino: Unveiling the Life of a Utah-Based Aesthetic Injector


In the vast realm of aesthetic injectors, Jovi Nicole Engbino, also recognized as Jovi Nicole Te’o, stands out with a notable Instagram following of 67K. This article delves into the intriguing facets of her life, blending personal and professional details to provide readers with a comprehensive look into the world of this Utah-based personality.

Personal Life

Marriage to Manti Te’o

Jovi Nicole’s journey took a significant turn on July 11, 2023, when she shared the joyous news of her wedding on Instagram. The ceremony marked the union of Jovi Nicole and former NFL player Manti Te’o, showcasing a deep connection that had been nurtured since their dating days starting in 2015.

Professional Life

Specialization in Aesthetic Procedures

Beyond her personal life, Jovi Nicole is celebrated for her expertise in aesthetic procedures. Her Instagram profile serves as a testament to her skill, showcasing the artistry behind the transformations she brings to her clients.

Role at Designer Skin Aesthetics

As the owner and injector at Designer Skin Aesthetics in Utah, Jovi Nicole takes pride in her professional domain. The clinic, under her guidance, has become synonymous with excellence in aesthetic procedures, attracting a loyal clientele.

Fitness Enthusiasm and Media Features

Jovi Nicole’s presence extends beyond the realm of aesthetic procedures. Her enthusiasm for fitness has caught the attention of various media outlets, portraying her not just as Manti Te’o’s wife but as an individual passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

Social Media Presence

Instagram and TikTok Stardom

With a substantial Instagram following, Jovi Nicole engages her audience with glimpses into her personal and professional life. Simultaneously, her TikTok endeavors have added another dimension to her online presence, allowing her to connect with a diverse audience.

Identification with Designer Skin Aesthetics

Beyond personal fame, Jovi Nicole identifies strongly with Designer Skin Aesthetics, positioning herself not just as an injector but as the proud owner of a thriving aesthetic clinic.

Additional Details

Beyond the Surface

For those curious about Jovi Nicole’s background, Pinterest offers a trove of additional information. From her bio to net worth, age, height, and more, Pinterest serves as a supplementary source for those eager to delve deeper.


In essence, Jovi Nicole Engbino emerges as a multifaceted personality, blending the roles of a skilled aesthetic injector, a supportive wife, and a fitness enthusiast. Her journey is a testament to the fusion of personal passion and professional excellence.


What aesthetic procedures does Jovi Nicole specialize in?

Jovi Nicole is renowned for her expertise in a range of aesthetic procedures, as showcased on her Instagram profile.

How did Jovi Nicole and Manti Te’o meet?

The couple first connected in 2015 and eventually tied the knot on August 2020, creating a heartwarming love story.

What is Designer Skin Aesthetics known for?

Designer Skin Aesthetics, under Jovi Nicole’s ownership, is celebrated for delivering exceptional aesthetic procedures and services.

How did Jovi Nicole gain popularity on Instagram?

Jovi Nicole’s popularity on Instagram stems from her captivating posts that offer insights into her personal and professional life.

Where can I find more information about Jovi Nicole Engbino?

Pinterest holds a wealth of additional details about Jovi Nicole, covering her bio, net worth, age, height, and more.

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