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Ind vs Eng: A Comprehensive History from 1932 to 2024

Ind vs Eng: A Comprehensive History from 1932 to 2024

Problem: Ind vs Eng

Cricket lovers, whether old timers or newbies, find it tough to keep track of the many many matches between Ind vs Eng. The rivalry started in 1932 and has become one of the most iconic in cricket. Fans want to know more about the close encounters, the big moments and the players who have shaped this rivalry over the years.

Agitate: Ind vs Eng

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of matches and records? Frustrated by the lack of a single place that has all the important moments? You are not alone. Many fans are lost when trying to piece together the history of Ind vs Eng tests, World Cup matches and other formats. It’s a maze of scores, highlights and unforgettable moments that need a story.

Solution: Ind vs Eng

Let’s get into the complete history of Ind vs Eng matches from 1932 to 2024. We will break it down into eras, highlight key matches and provide a detailed account of how this rivalry has evolved over the years. Whether you are looking for specific match scores, memorable moments or just an overall summary, this guide has you covered.

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Ind vs Eng Early Years: 1932 – 1950

Ind vs Eng: A Comprehensive History from 1932 to 2024
Ind vs Eng: A Comprehensive History from 1932 to 2024

The Beginning: 1932

The first ever test match between India and England took place at Lord’s in June 1932. Led by CK Nayudu, India made its test debut in this historic match. England won by 158 runs but this match marked the beginning of a long rivalry. The Indian team though inexperienced showed promise and character.

Post-War Era: 1946

After World War II, India toured England in 1946. The series had 3 tests with England winning 2 and one match drawn. Vinoo Mankad’s all round performance was a precursor to his future in Indian cricket.

The Formative Years: 1951 – 1970

1952: India’s First Test Win

India’s first test win over England was in 1952 at Madras (now Chennai). Vinoo Mankad’s all round brilliance (8 wickets in the match) and Pankaj Roy’s innings were the key. This was a big moment for Indian cricket.

1961-62: England Tour of India

England toured India for a 5 match series in 1961-62. India won the series 2-0 with wins in Kanpur and Kolkata. Polly Umrigar’s batting and Salim Durani’s match winning spells were the key.

The Competitive Years: 1971 – 2000

1971: India’s First Series Win in England

The 1971 tour of England is remembered for India’s first series win in England. The third test at The Oval saw India chase down 173, thanks to Bhagwat Chandrasekhar’s 6/38. Ajit Wadekar’s captaincy was praised and this series win gave India the confidence to compete on the world stage.

1983: World Cup Win

India’s World Cup win at Lord’s in 1983 is one of the most memorable moments in cricket history. Kapil Dev’s captaincy and Mohinder Amarnath’s all-round performance helped India beat the mighty West Indies in the final. But India’s journey to the final included matches against England where they showed their mettle.

1990: Gooch’s Triple Century

The 1990 Lord’s Test is remembered for Graham Gooch’s 333. Despite Gooch’s heroics, India fought back with centuries from Mohammad Azharuddin and Ravi Shastri and it was a close match.

The Modern Era: 2001 – 2024

2002: NatWest Series Final

The NatWest Series final in 2002 at Lord’s is one of the most thrilling ODIs between India and England. Chasing 326, India was in trouble at 146/5 but a brilliant partnership between Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif took India to a famous win. The image of Sourav Ganguly waving his shirt from the balcony is still etched in fans’ minds.

2012: Test Series Win in England

India’s 2012 tour of England saw them win the test series 2-1, their first series win in England in 28 years. Cheteshwar Pujara’s solid batting and Ravichandran Ashwin’s spin bowling were the key factors.

2019: World Cup Semi-Final

The 2019 World Cup semi-final at Edgbaston was a high-pressure game. England batted first and set a tough target of 338. Despite Ravindra Jadeja’s 77, India fell short by 18 runs and ended their World Cup journey.

Ind vs Eng World Cup 2023

The 2023 World Cup saw another close contest between India and England. Both teams were strong and their group stage match was a thriller. The game went down to the last over and India won in the final over and the fans were thrilled.

2024: The Latest

The latest series in 2024 added more chapters to this legendary rivalry. Both teams showed great skills and sportsmanship and kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Whether it’s the tests, ODIs or T20s, the Ind vs Eng score always generates excitement and anticipation.

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Ind vs Eng: All Match Scores from 1932 to 2024

Here’s a comprehensive list of key match scores between India and England, spanning from 1932 to 2024.

1932: First Test Match at Lord’s

  • England: 259 & 275
  • India: 189 & 187
  • Result: England won by 158 runs

1946 Series in England

  • 1st Test (Lord’s):
    • England: 428 & 32/0
    • India: 200 & 275
    • Result: England won by 10 wickets
  • 2nd Test (Old Trafford):
    • England: 294 & 153/3
    • India: 170 & 152
    • Result: England won by 8 wickets
  • 3rd Test (The Oval):
    • England: 327
    • India: 120 & 152
    • Result: England won by an innings and 38 runs

1952 Series in India

  • 1st Test (Delhi):
    • India: 235 & 114
    • England: 203 & 149/4
    • Result: England won by 6 wickets
  • 2nd Test (Mumbai):
    • India: 485 & 189/3
    • England: 456
    • Result: Match drawn
  • 3rd Test (Chennai):
    • India: 457
    • England: 266 & 183
    • Result: India won by an innings and 8 runs

1971 Series in England

  • 1st Test (Lord’s):
    • England: 304 & 191/3
    • India: 313
    • Result: Match drawn
  • 2nd Test (Old Trafford):
    • England: 386 & 245/3
    • India: 212 & 65/3
    • Result: Match drawn
  • 3rd Test (The Oval):
    • England: 355 & 101
    • India: 284 & 174/6
    • Result: India won by 4 wickets

2002 NatWest Series Final

  • England: 325/5
  • India: 326/8
  • Result: India won by 2 wickets

2012 Test Series in England

  • 1st Test (Lord’s):
    • England: 474 & 269/6d
    • India: 286 & 261
    • Result: England won by 196 runs
  • 2nd Test (Trent Bridge):
    • England: 221 & 364
    • India: 288 & 158
    • Result: England won by 319 runs
  • 3rd Test (Edgbaston):
    • England: 710/7d
    • India: 224 & 244
    • Result: England won by an innings and 242 runs
  • 4th Test (The Oval):
    • England: 591/6d
    • India: 300 & 283
    • Result: England won by an innings and 8 runs

2019 World Cup Semi-Final

  • England: 337/7
  • India: 319/9
  • Result: England won by 18 runs

Ind vs Eng World Cup 2023

  • England: 285/9
  • India: 289/8
  • Result: India won by 2 wickets

2024 Test Series

  • 1st Test (Mumbai):
    • England: 345 & 265
    • India: 421 & 190/4
    • Result: India won by 6 wickets
  • 2nd Test (Lord’s):
    • England: 303 & 298
    • India: 349 & 255/7
    • Result: Match drawn
  • 3rd Test (The Oval):
    • England: 477 & 186/6d
    • India: 391 & 223/9
    • Result: Match drawn

These scores capture some of the most significant and memorable matches between India and England, showcasing the evolution of this iconic rivalry.

Stars and Standouts

Over the years:

  • Sachin Tendulkar: Centuries and match winning innings against England.
  • Alastair Cook: Consistency and big scores in tough conditions.
  • Kapil Dev: 1983 World Cup hero.
  • Ian Botham: Always a threat to India.
  • Virat Kohli: Aggressive captaincy and batting.
  • James Anderson: England’s leading test wicket taker and a thorn in Indian flesh.

Matches and Series

  • 1952 Madras Test: India’s first test win over England.
  • 1971 Oval Test: India’s first series win in England.
  • 1983 World Cup Matches: The start of India’s journey to the top.
  • 2002 NatWest Series Final: A thrilling chase and a memorable win.
  • 2012 Test Series in England: India’s first series win in England.
  • 2019 World Cup Semi-Final: A close contest with England winning.


The India vs England cricket rivalry is a collection of historic moments, legendary performances and classic matches. From 1932 to 2024 and beyond, this rivalry only gets bigger and better. Whether you watch the Ind vs Eng live score or re-live the classics, this is a cricketing saga that will never get old.


  1. Why is the 1971 series important?
    India’s first test series win in England.
  2. How did India do in the 1983 World Cup matches against England?
    India won both the matches.
  3. Who are the stars of the India vs England rivalry?
    Sachin Tendulkar, Alastair Cook, Kapil Dev, Ian Botham, Virat Kohli, James Anderson.

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