July 18, 2024

Creating a symbol of affection that strengthens the bond between the sister-in-law and the husband’s sister ensures a secure connection. Welcome the new daughter-in-law to the family with love and togetherness through these 12 vibrant and stunning Lumba rakhi designs: 

  1. Pearl Lumba Rakhi: The classic look with sweet nostalgia in the shade of creamy pearl for Lumba Rakhi is smooth and delightful. You can pair this pearl lumba with a beautiful bhaiya bhabhi rakhi and Send Pearl Rakhi online from Rakhi Bazaar. It sincerely would bring the strength of pure-heartedness to your sister-in-law. 
  2. Stone Embedded Lumba Rakhi: Choosing an eternal stone-crafted Lumba Rakhi elevated the design to an advanced technique. You will find some interest in embedding bejewelled flowers and sequences in them, along with the stone beads that bring polish to make the enrapturing 3D look for a rich look.
  3. Pachi Work Lumba Rakhi: Featuring a gold-finished edge of stoned, beaded, soothing blooms of a flower sequence. Your bhabhi would be delighted with this Pachi work stone sphere petals, which are mostly chosen in vibrant shades for Panchi Lumba Rakhi.
  4. Jewellery Lumba Rakhi: Jewel lumba rakhi offers the beauty of gleaming, gorgeous jewels that enhance the lumba rakhis to be soulful. Your sister-in-law would love the gorgeous look of richness and royalty. You can combine these most beautiful jewel rakhi designs, which are surprising and treasured in Lumba rakhi.
  5. Enchanting Zardosi Lumba Rakhi: A sister-in-law who loves details is sure to be struck with intricate precision in handcrafting Zardosi Lumba Rakhi designs. This dangling Lumba or Latkan is divinely laden with beautifully sequenced stitches on the piece of cloth, so buy Lumba Rakhi for bhabhi that speaks to her style.
  6. Pompom Lumba Rakhis: The soft, woollen touch gives a fuzzy feeling of adored childhood. Gifting the pompom-dangling lumba adds fondness to a heartwarming, childlike playfulness. Available in bright and sparkly shades and mat feel, you can brighten up your bhabhi’s Raksha Bandhan.
  7. Sea Shell Lumba Rakhi: For a sister-in-law who loves the sea and the beach sand, a sea shell lumba rakhi made of real seashells and gloss polished to add elegance to the celebration can be adorning.
  8. Victorian Design Rakhi: This vintage look gives an impression of cross-cultural design by coining Nobel gold and silver. Swirls or Persian jali designs for Victorian lumba rakhi can add a contemporary fusion feel to Indian traditional lumba rakhi design.
  9. Bracelet Lumba rakhi: For a bolder, daring sister-in-law, a statement lumba rakhi made of durable kada or bangle is a bracelet lumba rakhi. It’s not a loose, dangling thread but a sturdy and beautifully bold lumba rakhi with a god motif that would add an extra layer of protection and prayer.
  10. Kundan Lumba Rakhi: For a novel look that bewilders dreamlike, the view with stunning traditional artisans in the Kundan is the very in-demand and timeless Kundan Lumba rakhi to give to your sister-in-law.
  11. Plantable Rakhi Seeds: For an environmentally conscious sister-in-law who is also environmentally friendly, rakhi is a very nurturing form of design that is intricately knotted to threads and fixed. So, even a biodegradable rakhi can be open to buy designer Rakhi from Rakhibazaar that serve as the best wishes.
  12. Designer Lumba Rakhi: The contemporary fusion of engraving the name on the metal and personalising the designer Lumba Rakhi has made a stunning mark of impressive lumbar design with handcrafted design, presenting a unique process of design heart-bringing touch in handcrafted Lumba rakhi.


Being supported by well-wishers by the brother’s sister is a heartfelt and warm gestures will help you bond with your brother’s married wife and life. Rakhi Bazaar assures you of a lovely, affectionate range of surprises to bridge the distance and make Raksha Bandhan truly meaningful. 

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