July 18, 2024
Dry Cleaning

Every one of us is attached to our suit, the most expensive item of clothing in our closet. Always make sure your outfit is cleaned to a high standard. Therefore, hiring an expert dry cleaning cleaner is the best option. But should you think about dry cleaning or laundry pickup service in London? 

The primary question that comes to mind when choosing to have a professional assist with suit dry cleaning is: When we notice the cleaning packages, many of us jump to the conclusion. However, it goes much beyond that. It would be beneficial if you considered the material of the suit, how frequently you wear it, etc. By doing this, you may prevent your suit from becoming dull after washing.  

In this article, we’ll discuss what to do—and, maybe more importantly, what not to do.

What is dry cleaning?

Before we discuss a suitable dry cleaning guide, let’s clarify one of the most common myths: Dry cleaning isn’t really “dry.” Amazing, huh? Dry cleaning gets its name because neither water nor detergents are used. Instead, your garments are cleaned using chemicals used by an experienced dry cleaning cleaner. 

Your clothes are delivered to the cleaner, who loads them into a large machine that compares a massive copy of your home washing machine. The clothes are prepared for your business travels after being soaked in the solvent, dried, pressed, and ironed.

Suit Dry Cleaning: Do and Don’ts  

Do: Change Up Your Suit:

Dress shoes are similar to suits. You must hang them after each use and give them time to rest between uses. Your suits are your armour, so you want to do all you can to preserve their quality and lifespan. People will also notice that you are wearing the same clothes if you wear the same outfit every day. 

When a garment rotates, its shape, feel, and freshness are preserved. If you let your suits rest for 24 to 48 hours before using them, you will undoubtedly visit the dry cleaning cleaner less frequently.

Don’t: Avoid doing dry cleaning every week or month.

This relates to the previous tip. Suit dry cleaning will be required less frequently if your suits are rotated. However, the process uses chemicals that could permanently harm your clothing. Do it only if it starts to smell bad or gets stained.

Do: Visit a Professional Dry Cleaning Cleaners:

Suits are labelled “Dry clean only” for a reason. A home washing machine is the worst thing for wool and delicate clothing. A professional cleaner has the right tools and can handle your clothing with care.

Don’t: Don’t Try Self-Cleansing:

One of the most typical blunders people make is trying all these fancy ideas and methods they learn online or in this new YouTube video. Did you know that trying to remove a stain with a suit is not a good idea? All you accomplish is further implanting the stain in the fabric. Go to a specialist and save the vinegar and soap treatments for another day. 

DO: Search For an Environmental Friendly Cleaner:

One recognised carcinogen is perchloroethylene (PERC), which is also poisonous. Seek out a cleaner that uses eco-friendly products. Look for cleaners that, if there isn’t another option, at least repurpose the solvent by collecting and drying the machine’s steam.

Don’t: Ask Questions Without Fear:

Request more details regarding the procedure from your cleaner. They won’t give a damn! If it’s your first time or you’re worried about a stain, they may occasionally explain things to you and help you feel more at ease.

Do: List Your Items & Take Pictures:

Occasionally, the unimaginable happens: a button goes missing, your clothing disappears, or something else goes missing. Make sure to inform your cleaner of any weak points in the suit, such as loose buttons, and take some images of the outfit as documentation. Make sure they use a barcode tag for easy recovery, and ask them to make a list of the items you drop off.

Don’t: Avoid Suit Dry Cleaning Separately

Please do not dry clean, just the jacket if you have a suit and the top becomes discoloured. In particular, you should provide the outfit with a thorough cleaning on your initial occasion. Why? Due to the possibility of shine or a minor colour shift from dry washing. 

What if the colour of your suit jacket and trousers were just one percent different? It won’t look like a suit anymore, which you can know, and others can also tell. This is one of the most critical factors, and it’s a recommendation that you don’t often encounter when searching online. Please take extra note of this advice!


Knowing when to dry clean your suit is essential to maintaining its quality and longevity. Do clean after every few wears and spot-clean minor stains. Don’t over-dry clean, as it can damage the fabric. Hello Laundry’s expert suit dry cleaning services ensure your suit stays fresh and pristine, using gentle yet effective methods tailored to your garment’s needs.

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