May 27, 2024
Shaitaan 2024

Shaitaan 2024 Movie Director

Shaitaan 2024

Vikas Bahl has made ‘Shaitaan 2024’, a remake of the 2023 Gujarati film Vash. Fans always have hope for Vikas, who has made a film like Queen, to make good films. His hard work is visible even in Satan. This film starts quite mysteriously, then goes on a high note and after the entry of Madhavan, its vibe changes completely. From there the interesting things start in the film. Vikas Bahl knows in which direction he has to take the film. His film has suspense, drama and a lot of dark magic and shady feeling which makes your heart skip a beat. But this does not mean that the picture is not lacking.


Shaitaan 2024

Jyotika has returned to Hindi cinema with the performance film Shaitaan 2024. His comeback is quite strong. In the film, she is playing the character of Jyoti, who is in agony seeing the condition of her daughter Janaki. Jyotika has portrayed the helplessness of not being able to help her child and the anger of a mother to free her from the clutches of a devil very well. In addition to his poignant moments, his battle sequence with Madhavan is amazing. Ajay Devgan’s work in the role of Jyoti’s husband Kabir is also good. A helpless father who is trying to save his daughter at all costs, but is getting nowhere. The film’s villain R Madhavan gives direct competition to Ajay’s powerful performance. Without a doubt, Madhavan is a phenomenal actor. But in Satan they scare you. Madhavan, who calls himself Lord Vanraj, makes the condition of Kabir and his family worse. Janaki Bodiwala has done a fantastic job portraying Jhanvi. Janaki played Arya, a character controlled by the devil, in the first movie as well. Janaki’s performance is amazing. Angad Raj has also done a good job in the role of Janaki’s younger brother Dhruv.

Where was the deficiency

The cinematography and background of the film is also good. Its editing is good. The biggest problem of the movie lies in its writing. Screenwriters Amil Kiyan Khan and Krishnadev Yagnik added suspense and thrill in it but forgot to add motive. No one has the answer to why whatever is happening in the movie is happening. In such a situation, you face difficulty in connecting with the film. You want to know who is Vanraj and why is he after Kabir’s family? Many more questions arise in your mind to which you cannot find answers. This is the biggest flaw of the movie, which spoils your enjoyment. If you know more about visiting here

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