May 24, 2024
Realm Scans Closure: What's Next for Manga Translation Fans?

It came as a shock to many when Realm Scans, a leader in the manga scanlation community, announced its closure effective January 6, 2024. Dedicated readers of manga translations have been left wondering about the future of their beloved hobby. The sudden departure of Realm Scans from the scene raises important questions about the sustainability and legal landscape of fan-translated manga, as well as the availability of translated works for international audiences.

In this blog post, we will explore the implications of Realm Scans’ shutdown and the repercussions it holds for fans and the wider manga community. We also seek to provide insights into the alternatives available for readers and what this event signifies for the future of manga scanlations.

The Rise and Fall of Realm Scans

Realm Scans garnered a reputation for quality and timely translations, connecting non-Japanese speaking audiences with the vast world of manga. The team behind Realm Scans worked diligently to bridge cultural gaps and make manga accessible globally, making them a staple in the reading lists of countless fans.

Their closure marks the end of an era for many and speaks volumes about the challenges scanlation groups face. Issues such as copyright infringement claims, the pressure from publishers, and the legal ambiguities surrounding fan-translations have always walked hand-in-hand with the scanlation movement.

The Impact on the Manga Reading Community

Realm Scans didn’t just provide translations; they cultivated a community. Their work allowed discussions, theories, and bonding over shared interests to cross borders. Now, fans are searching for new homes where they can continue to enjoy manga in their non-native languages and connect with others who share their passion.

When a scanlation group of Realm Scans’ stature shuts down, it leaves a void that isn’t easily filled. Readers are scurrying to find alternative sources, but the possibilities of encountering translations of the same caliber are uncertain.

Legal Considerations and the Future of Scanlation

The closure of Realm Scans undoubtedly puts a spotlight on the legal issues surrounding manga scanlations. In many cases, these groups operate in a gray area, risking copyright infringement to provide content to eager readers internationally. These risks only increase as manga becoming more mainstream and publishers take a firmer stance on protecting their intellectual property.

However, the demand for manga in various languages continues to grow, indicating a clear gap in the market. While some publishers are working to release official translations faster, there is still much ground to cover.

Alternatives for Manga Readers Post-Realm Scans

So where does this leave fans of scanlated manga? Here are a few options:

  • Official Translations: With the growth of the international manga audience, publishers are expanding their offerings in multiple languages. Supporting official translations is a great way to enjoy manga legally.
  • Subscription Services: Platforms like Shonen Jump App and Manga Plus by Shueisha offer a wide array of manga in English and other languages for a small subscription fee.
  • Digital Manga Libraries: Some public libraries offer access to digital manga collections that can be read for free with a library card.
  • Aggregator Sites: While not all operate legally, aggregator sites that compile scans from various sources continue to exist. However, caution is advised, as these can be shut down without notice as well.


The closing of Realm Scans marks a significant moment in the world of manga translations. As the dust settles, the effect on the international manga community is palpable. However, it also presents an opportunity for change within the industry. By voicing preferences and supporting official releases, fans worldwide can influence how manga is presented to global audiences and ensure the longevity of this cherished form of storytelling.

As we navigate this transitional period, let’s remember the effort of scanlation groups like Realm Scans and look ahead to a future where manga can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of language barriers.

Keep exploring, keep reading, and most of all, support the creators who make the stories we love a part of our lives.

Realm scans will be missed, but the legacy they leave behind will continue to shape the world of translated manga for years to come.

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