June 16, 2024


By the end of 2023, there was a lot of hype about artificial intelligence (Neuralink). And since then, all companies including Google, Facebook have brought AI technology forward for their various services. However, among these, ChatGPT created by OpenAI has generated the most discussion.

And after that, the most talked about technology beyond these technologies is Elon Musk’s brain-implant computer or Neuralink chip.

In today’s tune, I will try to explain in simple terms what Neuralink is and how Neuralink works.

What is Neuralink?

Neuralink is a brain computer interface, which is implanted in the human brain by a surgical robot. When the Neuralink device is implanted in a patient’s brain, it can communicate with an external computer.

It is mainly developed for paraplegics, patients who are unable to move their limbs and body. The company’s current focus will be working with people with paraplegia, vision, speech and hearing impairments, depression, schizophrenia, obesity and other physical problems. So that those patients can be helped to lead an easier and more normal life. Read more information click here and Official site

Neuralink is being worked on in such a way that people can control devices like smartphones and computer mice with their thoughts. At the same time, attempts are being made to analyze the effects of brain signals as well as limb movements by implanting the Neuralink chip in the human brain.

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How does Neuralink’s chip or brain-implant computer work with the human brain?

Recently, Elon Musk’s company Neuralink has successfully implanted its own brainchip in the human brain. And Elon Marks also said in a tweet that the person who was taught this brain chip recovered quickly. And initially through this chip, neurospikes were detected from the human brain.

This chip made by Neuralink is surgically implanted in the human brain by a special robot developed by them. Whereas, the size of this device is smaller than a coin. And it contains fine wires, which will be carefully placed in the human brain by the robot.

Then, the brain-implant computer receives the chemical signals from the brain and sends them to another device via Bluetooth.

Neuralink uses tiny electrodes to detect, record and transmit electrical impulses. The electrodes on the Neuralink act as sensors, which detect electrical signals and send them to the device. At the same time, Neuralink analyzes human thoughts and body movements and transmits them wirelessly to other devices.

This device of Neuralink is charging through wireless and similarly this data is transferred to the mobile through wireless.

Neuralink’s brain-implant technology is currently being developed to help patients with physical illnesses, major injuries and a variety of complex genetic conditions. And as said earlier, Neuralink will primarily work to help patients with various physical disabilities live a normal life. In this regard, patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases can also be expected to benefit from the Neuralink implant.

Is the Neuralink chip safe?

There is a lot of concern among many about AI and brain implants in future technology. And many have already claimed that how these digital brain implants can cause harm to us. One of their arguments behind saying this is that these implants can cause mental illness. Some people think that it is possible to control people’s minds in the future through this kind of brain chip.

But, such comments about Neuralink are all like scientific movies. So, if Neuralink were implanted in the human brain, wouldn’t it pose any risk?

Right now it’s hard to say how safe a brain-implanted computer or chip like Neuralink will be. Because, at the moment, the chip made by Neuralink has not been widely placed in the human body. However, in a recent clinical trial, Neuralink was implanted in the brain of a man and he is claimed to have recovered.

However, until now Neuralink’s chip has been tested on many animals. These include: pigs, rats and monkeys. And a special test on a pig showed that the Neuralink implant could be safely removed from its body if necessary.

That means that there is no need to have this implant or brain chip implanted in a person’s body for life. In this case, it is also possible to remove the Neuralink chip from the person’s body at any time. And now Neuralink has developed a special type of robot or surgical machine to place this brain chip in the human brain, which is able to place the Neuralink device perfectly in the human brain within a few hours without any complications.

last word

Neuralink aims to help people with physical disabilities live a normal life. Neuralink is expected to play a very important role in advancing neurotechnology. And already many organizations are working with such implants and they are achieving considerable success.

So now it remains to be seen whether Neuralink can really work to bring back normal lives to people with paraplegia, vision, speech and hearing impairments, depression, schizophrenia, obesity and more. However, according to Neuralink, they have obtained promising results in various trials of the device.

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