May 18, 2024

Starting the journey to smooth and hairless skin, I looked at three different brands of at-home IPL devices. All the brands have their approaches to the issue. Still, they have a critical feature in common: they all promise to go beyond the clichés and make it possible to perform the necessary procedures at home to get the expected effect of visiting salons. 

This is a comparison of the experience I got after using each of the mentioned devices, and it is supposed to shed light on the main similarities and differences in effectiveness, convenience of the appliance, and overall satisfaction. 

Discussing such features as Braun’s precision, Nood’s simplicity, and available technological alternatives used by Ulike, this narrative may be helpful to understand that the importance of such a comparison is not in notions and official specifications but in the authentic experience obtained after using those machines.

Braun vs Nood Vs Ulike: Overview of the Devices

At-home hair removal solutions are fast-advancing, with several brands occupying significant niches in this increasingly popular market. Specifically, Braun, Nood, and Ulike are prominent presenters of IPL devices, offering their products to various crowds. 

Although the specifics may differ between the brands, many of these devices share standard features. They are expected to perform similarly when targeting hair removal efficacy, comfort of use, and overall efficiency.

Braun: Precision and Reliability

The latest Braun hair removal IPL device aligns with the company’s tradition of offering ingenious engineering and end customers’ usability. The powerful build and the ease of use rely on the notion that the product is perfect in terms of effect and safety. 

Notably, the features include a broad intensity setting range to cater for all types of skin and hair – a stationary skin sensor that supervises the light intensity with your skin.

Nood: Simplicity and Accessibility

The primary way that Nood stands out in the IPL market is its simplistic design and accessibility, as it might be the best at-home hair removal device for those who might be new to changing the technology. 

Nood features one button on the front of the device and a power input on the rear, with its design providing a clear message that minimalism does not mean a lack of functionality. This makes it suitable for IPL consumers looking for a simple way to reduce hair growth.

Ulike: Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to Ulike and its most advanced device, Air 10 Sapphire, it is advancing the standards of at-home IPL technology. 

With SHR, or Super Hair Removal, technology, as well as dual-mode refrigeration systems with an integrated Sapphire Ice Cooling technology, it is clear that Ulike’s IPL device would appeal the most to the consumer base that demands the newest technologies and innovations on the market. 

Additionally, as a device that combines effectiveness with the comfort of its user, Ulike Air 10 Sapphire can quickly perform high-quality and painless treatments across a wide range of skin and hair types.

Braun vs Nood Vs Ulike: Comparing the Key Features

When it comes to at-home IPL hair removal devices, Braun vs Nood Vs Ulike offers distinctive technologies. Knowing how they work and how they can meet your goals can help you make the right choice. Here, I will be sharing my personal experience with these devices to show you which device felt the best to use.


Braun: One of the best-known technology manufacturers, this brand ensures excellent precision and removal effectiveness. One of the notable features that amazed me was its SensoAdapt™ technology, which constantly reads the skin tone and adapts the intensity to provide a safe and personalized approach.

Nood: I found the Nood devices simpler, ensuring optimum convenience. I recommend this device if you are buying your first IPL gadget, as it can help eliminate dark hair. It can be a perfect solution, even though their efficacy for more advanced uses can be questioned. 

Ulike: While using the Ulike device, its SHR technology, which uses IPL and special pulse sequences, was a notable feature. While the latter appears shorter and more intense, the number of actions is reduced, which makes it more effective and less painful. Furthermore, it had cooling technologies, which increased the convenience of the devices’ use.

Design and Ergonomics

Braun: I like that Braun devices are designed with ergonomic grips and control panels, which are user-friendly devices. This is important for me as I expect to use it across my body areas.

Nood: I like that Nood devices are a bit compact and minimalistic. It supports what I like in devices: simplicity and portability. Besides this, it has cordless devices, making it easier to use without any cord.

Ulike: I like the modern and sleek design of Ulike Air 10, not only because of its looks but also because it is quite comfortable. The Sapphire Ice Cooling feature is interesting as it cools my skin while using it.

Ease of Use

Braun: I like the simplicity of Braun devices since the controls and settings are intuitive. Their integrated systems set the optimal treatment programs for achieving the best results. I look for effective and hassle-free devices, so the treatment programs are what I like the most.

Nood: I am always on the hunt for a device that is user-friendly and simple. The Nood is the most user-friendly on the market since it has so few controls.

Ulike: Though the Ulike Air 10 is the most advanced device, it remains user-friendly. Clear instructions and simple settings are important since I do professional-grade treatment at home without confusion or complexity.


Braun: The device has many features that I am attracted to, one being its versatility. With so many intensity levels and different attachments, the device is an all-in-one solution that can satisfy all my needs for removing hair on any body part.

Nood: While Nood devices appear to be a better match for my basic needs, allowing me to treat my legs, arms, and bikini more would be enough and, at the same time, efficient.

Ulike: A noteworthy advantage of Ulike devices is their high versatility, including a double lamp and numerous combinations of applicators. The device is likely suitable for the treatment from the face to the legs, which is exactly what I am looking for.

Final Verdict – My Top Choice

After an extensive assessment of Braun, Nood, and Ulike IPL devices, I can name the Ulike Air 10 my best pick as an at-home hair removal remedy. This is mainly because of their innovative SHR technology and the Sapphire Ice Cooling system, which sets a new level for IPL procedures regarding effectiveness and comfort. 

The Ulike Air 10 suits most skin tones and hair colouration and provides a faster and more pleasant hair removal experience. Therefore, this one is an excellent option for all people who would like to get professional-quality results from the comfort of their homes. 

Thus, the Ulike Air 10 is the best choice in my top three list attempts because of the outstanding combination of advanced features, simple usability, and optimal functionality.

If you still hesitate to put an end to your hair removal troubles, demo the Ulike Air 10 and make sure that it is the best product to make your skin perfect.

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